Online form for admission-restricted/ -free study programmes

  1. Introduction
  2. Start of study
  3. Personal details
  4. Addresses & Communication
  5. University­access­entitlement
  6. Information on the local NC procedures
  7. Intended degree (main application)
  8. Subject of study for main application
  9. Degree sought (auxiliary application)
  10. Subject for auxiliary application
  11. Earlier studies
  12. Study abroad
  13. Course of studies
  14. Examinations taken
  15. Profession and practice
  16. Concluding remarks
  17. Finalise application


Dear prospective student,
on the following pages, please first enter the data that the university requires for your application to admission-restricted/ -exempt degree programs. Please use the navigation elements below to navigate within the online form.

You will then receive the applicant number of your application, a form to print out and a list of documents, which you must send by mail to the Student Service Center within the stated deadlines.

If you did not obtain your university entrance qualification in Germany or at a school with German Abitur examination regulations, please apply via uni-assist.

Application period for online application

For the summer semester 2022, applications are only possible in Master's degree programs and the following Bachelor's degree programs: Business Administration, International Business Administration, Digital Product Management.

The end of the application period for the bachelor's degree programs in Business Administration, International Business Administration and Digital Product Management is March 31, 2022.
Application deadlines for master's degree programs for the 2022 summer semester: Attention! You can apply for two degree programs within the university. Please make sure that you enter your first choice as the first degree program. In the case of multiple applications, the university will consider the last application received by the deadline as your first choice.

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